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Hood Exhaust Cleaning by Allen Commercial Cleaning Services

 A clean hood exhaust system is a kitchens primary defense against hazardous fires. Keeping your system clean helps evacuate grease and smoke keeping the kitchen cooler. Allen Commercial Cleaning Services serves the Greater Kansas City area and understands that a clean hood exhaust system creates a safe and effective kitchen, helping to prevent the risk of fire, back flow of air and smoke, and unsanitary conditions. We pride ourselves on thoroughly cleaning all components of the hood exhaust system including the hood, filters, ducts and fans. All areas that are accessible are cleaned and corrective procedures are proposed for all inaccessible areas. Our cleaning process combines the power of heat, chemical and water pressure to deliver quality service every time to a commercial kitchen.

Allen Commercial Cleaning Services technicians are certified by the Phil Ackland Certification School to ensure proper cleaning on every service and keeping your kitchen in compliance with fire codes. As of January 1, 2008, NFPA codes require that a certified cleaning company clean the hood system and that a “Certificate of Performance” be placed near the hood. There we will list the date of the last service and the next recommended cleaning.

Below are just some of the many benefits to having Allen Commercial Cleaning Services clean your hood system:
  • Reduce risk of kitchen fires.
  • Most insurance companies offer lower premiums for Phil Ackland certified hood cleaning companies.
  • Improved ventilation for odor and smoke removal.
  • Compliance with local health and fire codes.
  • Better working environment for your staff.
  • Increase functionality and life of the exhaust system.
We will accommodate emergency or short notice requests for cleaning services.



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